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At Solidcare, we mainly use Cellulose blown-in insulation. One of the main reasons why we choose cellulose is due to the quality of the product. Cellulose is made up of 85% recycled paper that has been treated with borate and boric acid. Cellulose is heavily treated with chemicals to reduce its flammability, and while the chemicals may not be harmful to humans they are highly effective. Cellulose is flame resistant, mould resistant, higher R-Rating as well as pest resistant.

In comparison with fibreglass, cellulose is a more dense product. Cellulose does not require the same thickness to achieve the same R-rating. For example, fibreglass requires 21 inches of insulation to achieve R60 while cellulose only needs 17 inches. The advantage of this would result in better air ventilation in the attic for the insulation to stay dry.


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